Journal Profile

Bibliotekarz Podlaski is a scholarly journal intended mostly (but not only) for librarians, bibliologists, researchers in Polish studies, historians, sociologists and other scholars in the field of the humanities. It publishes papers dedicated to books, i.e. how they are written and distributed, as well as to various literary, social, historical and cultural phenomena that are associated with the subject matter.


The journal is divided into the following sections:


  • On Books and Libraries
  • Literary and Historical Contexts of Bibliology and Librarianship
  • Memoirs and Obituaries
  • Reviews and Write-Ups


The Journal publishes articles dedicated to the following problems:


  • Designing, creating, accessing and evaluating library systems;
  • Data bases and methodology of making data bases available;
  • Meta-bases;
  • Informative activities of libraries;
  • On-line and digital libraries;
  • ‘Grey’ literature;
  • The Internet and e-publications;
  • Information and society;
  • Academic communication;
  • Processing, organizing and managing knowledge;
  • Literary studies: literary theory, comparative studies, cultural studies;
  • History (particularly the history of Podlasie and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania)
  • Social sciences.


While selecting texts for publication, the Editors of Bibliotekarz Podlaski give preference to articles that assume an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to academic research.


Bibliotekarz Podlaski publishes book reviews, fragments of PhD and post-PhD dissertations, excerpts from outstanding MA theses, as well as conference reports, and the memoirs and obituaries of notable scholars.