General Guidelines

  • Pre-format your text in Times New Roman, 12 point, and with 1.5 line spacing (Crtl 5). Longer quotations exceeding three lines should be in 10 point, indented (0.7 cm), with 1.5 line spacing. Use italics to emphasize foreign words.


  • Use the standard Polish footnote referencing system.
  • Do not use parenthetical referencing, also known as Harvard referencing.


  • Referencing format for articles from periodicals:

Initial(s) and Surname, Title of Article, “Title of Journal”, Volume Number (Issue Number): Year, Page Number(s) of Contribution.


  • Referencing format for books:

Initial(s) and Surname, Title, Translated by, City of Publication and Year, Publisher, Page Number(s).


  • Referencing format for an article from a book prepared by an editor, or from a collection of articles:

Initials and Surname, Title of Article, [in] Title of Volume, Ed. Editor’s Name(s), City of Publication and Year, Page Number(s).


  • The main text should include full proper names of places, first names and surnames; footnotes – full proper names of places, initials of first names and full surnames.
  • Abbreviations of any kind in the main text should be avoided.
  • The beginning of each paragraph should be indented (Tab 0.7 cm). Paragraphs should not be separated in any other way.
  • For page setup, use borders of 2.5 cm or one inch on all sides, format A4.
  • The text should have from 8 to 20 standardized pages.
  • Each submission should include a short summary (5-6 sentences) of the article and the author’s biographical note, with academic degree, affiliation, main publications and fields of interest (no longer than half a page).
  • Black and white photographs should be submitted as JPG or TIFF files (resolution: 300 dpi).