Notes for Contributors

Bibliotekarz Podlaski is a scholarly journal intended mostly (but not only) for librarians, bibliologists, researchers in Polish studies, historians, sociologists and other scholars in the field of the humanities. It publishes papers dedicated to books, i.e. how they are written and distributed, as well as to various literary, social, historical and cultural phenomena that are associated with the subject matter.


The journal is divided into the following sections:


On Books and Libraries

Literary and Historical Contexts of Bibliology and Librarianship

Memoirs and Obituaries

Reviews and Write-Ups



Submissions to Bibliotekarz Podlaski (max. 20 pages, Times New Roman, point 12, Endnotes) should be sent to:


Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasza Górnickiego

  1. J. Kilińskiego 16

15-089 Białystok




Contributors are asked to sign a declaration that they are sending original contributions which are not under consideration for any other publication (in journals or collections of articles) at the same time.


Texts that have not been ordered to be sent back will not be returned.