Editorial Policy of  ‘Bibliotekarz Podlaski. A Polish Journal of Librarianship and Bibliology’


  • Each proposal passes the initial stage of acceptance by the Editorial Board. All doubts or debatable issues are adjudicated by a member of the Editorial Board who specializes in the given field (bibliology, librarianship, literary studies, history or social sciences).


  • Texts are read and reviewed in accordance with our standard process for submissions (scholarly review).


  • Following acceptance for publication, the contributors are notified of possible changes suggested by reviewers, and deadlines for submitting the final version of the text.


  • Before the final editing is done the Editors reserve the right to make the following changes in the accepted submission:
  1. stylistic and spelling corrections;
  2. shortening the text where necessary;
  3. re-editing and/or introducing footnotes.


  • The end of the editing process.


  • The content of the whole issue of the Journal is again reviewed by the Scholarly Committee and discussed by the Editorial Board.