Reviewing Policy

In accordance with the directive line of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Bibliotekarz Podlaski. A Journal of Polish Librarianship and Bibliology uses the following reviewing policy:


  • The Editorial Board makes the initial evaluation of submissions. All doubts or debatable issues are adjudicated by a member of the Editorial Board who specializes in the given field.


  • Accepted submissions are forwarded to reviewers.


  • Each submission is reviewed by two reviewers who are not associated with the institution affiliated by the author. Prior to appointing reviewers the Editorial Board takes into account the academic field that the given submission relates to.


  • In the case of foreign language submissions (i.e. not in the Polish language), one of the reviewers is affiliated by a foreign academic institution (other than the author’s).


  • Each reviewer is expected to declare that there is no conflict of interest in the reviewing process. A conflict of interest is defined as a situation when:
  1. there exist a direct personal relationship between the author and the reviewer (kinship, legal liaisons, personal conflict);
  2. there exists a relationship of professional subordination between the author and the reviewer;
  3. there has existed academic cooperation between the author and the reviewer for two years (at most).


  • The review is prepared in a written form, and is concluded with a definite and unequivocal decision on whether the submission is accepted or rejected.


  • The reviewing policy and the reviewer’s form are available on the journal’s website.


  • The list of guest reviewers is published once a year by the Editorial Board (in a paper version of the journal and on the website).


  • After the publication of each issue of the journal, the Editorial Board formally asks all the members of the Scholarly Committee for their opinions.